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An open letter to all my curlfriends.



From one curl-sister to another, I feel your pain. Those who don’t have to tackle the daily ‘I wonder what my hair will be like today’ walk of worry to the mirror, don’t understand what it’s like. To wake up each morning and never know if you’re going to be pleasantly surprised with curls in all the right places, or wake up to find an f-bomb inducing frizz ball is frankly exhausting. But with the trend for curls not dissipating and celebrities such as Selena Gomes, Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, Sarah Jessica Parker and Beyoncé all embracing their curls, we are in prime position to be taking advantage of our own curly locks!

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I’ve always had big curls, never could do a thing with them, and forever had to fend off comments from my peers. “If this were the ’80s, everyone would want my hair!” was my back-pocket response to the people who teased me during my adolescent years. So to see my hair – OUR – hair be on point once more, is gluttonously satisfying. All those people who mocked my curls are now desperately trying to recreate them. To all my curlfriends, we now have the upper hand. Curls are officially on trend, and not just in the dusty back corners of the deep internet, but on the most mainstream stage of them all: the red carpet. The 80s revival I was always wishing for, is finally here.


Curly hair is crazy hot right now. They’re all there, every type from loose barrel waves to big, full and, dare I say, “frizzy” curls, have all made a comeback in Hollywood and on the fashion runways too. It’s all about keeping it natural and emphasising what you already have, be it tight curls or loose beachy waves. So whether, like me, your hair is naturally curled or you need to reach for the curling tongs, prepare for bouncy curls to be sticking around for the next few years at least!


But how do we go about making the most of this trend, when our curls are so unpredictable?


As someone who has had to learn how to deal their own curly hair, I would like to share with you the tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way and that other hairdressers everywhere are only now just discovering.


Firstly, all curls are not created equal.

With plenty of new products and a strict set of dos and don’ts, stylists are being challenged to switch up everything they’ve ever known about curly hair. Thanks to my first-hand experience, I know how curls behave – or don’t behave – and understand the challenges curls bring. So to help spread a little more understanding of the best way to handle beautiful curls, here are my ten top tips for getting the most out of your naturally curly hair:

  1. Use sulphate-free shampoos.Traditional shampoos contain harsh detergents called sulphates. These foaming agents strip curly hair of its natural oils – causing frizz. Fight this with Paul Mitchell Spring Loaded Frizz- Fighting Shampoo
  2. Conditioning is a must! Conditioners help tackle tangles, de-frizzes and hydrates curls by filling the porous surface of curly hair, helping to make it smoother. I would recommend Paul Mitchell Spring Loaded Frizz Fighting Conditioner
  3. Only comb your hair in the shower!Brushing and combing your curly hair actually breaks up the delicate curls – causing frizz. After shampooing, drench hair with conditioner and gently comb it with your fingers before rinsing. This is the only time or way you should comb your curls!
  4. Gently blot your hair with a towel. Try not to disturb your hair too much when towel drying, simply blot it to remove the worst of the moisture.
  5. Condition again with a leave in conditioner. Curly hair is naturally drier. Take this extra step to really hydrate those thirsty curls and help tame frizz. Place the product into your hands and gently scrunch it through your hair, again trying not to disturb your curls too much. Try Paul Mitchell Full Circle Leave-in treatment or, my favourite, Paul Mitchell The Conditioner
  6. Gently style your hair using more product. Curly hair requires more product than straight hair. I like to use cream gels and foams to give strong hold without leaving curls crunchy. Once more, remember to gently scrunch products into the hair. Long-lasting products such as Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hydro Whip Cream and Paul Mitchell Fast Form are great for use on medium to coarse textures, while Paul Mitchell Twirl Around  is great for fine to medium hair textures.
  7. You’ve guessed it; do not touch your hair while it’s drying.Once you have applied your products, keep your hands off your hair! Touching your hair while it’s drying disturbs the curls’ natural formation – say it with me – causing frizz.
  8. Dry your curls with love and care.Air drying is best for curls and should be done more often than not, but if you need to speed things up you can use a blow dryer with a diffuser made specifically for curls. A diffuser can help to tame frizz just make sure you also use a heat protectant product such as Paul Mitchell Heat Seal to help lock in moisture.
  9. Don’t over-wash your hair. Too much washing dries it out and removes the natural oils that curly hair desperately needs to stay strong and healthy. Cut back on the washing and always finish with a blast of cold water to seal the cuticle and leave your hair looking extra glossy.
  10. Never envy those with straight strands! They’ll only be wishing they had your fabulous locks. Accept the beautiful curls you were given, look after them, and your world will be that bit easier to handle. After all, curls have more fun!

With love to all my curlfriends, Adele x


Many of our guests with naturally curly hair are unaware of the beautiful hair they actually have. They’ve never before been educated on how to style their textured tresses because, until recently, straight hair was the standard desired style. But things have changed and thanks to this, the range of products to help accentuate curls has come on leaps and bounds. We now have the techniques, skill and experience to arm our curly-haired guests to have the confidence and courage to embrace their natural curls.

Book in with one of our team at BOB Salons including our curly-haired resident curl expert, Adele  to learn first-hand the secrets to looking after curly hair and find out more about the Paul Mitchell® Take Home products & tools to help win the fight against frizz! Do you crave for fizz-free hair then look no further than KeraStraight and see our special offer.









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