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A quick guide to the latest hair colouring terminology


Balayage, ombre, foilyage, there’s so many of these new hair colouring terms that it’s hard to keep up with them all, and what the heck they even mean! One says ombre the other thinks sombre, it can all be very confusing.

We’re here with a short guide aimed at helping to demystify the perplexing world of hair-colour jargon.


Think dark roots and mid-tones through to lighter ends. The ombre finish adds an extra depth to a hairstyle and is flattering to almost everyone, not forgetting it’s a low-maintenance hairstyle, once achieved.

Ombre Hair Colour


A quieter, some might say more ‘grown-up’, version of the ombre, this is not-so-dark roots and mid-tones through to not-so-light lighter ends. This technique works with colours that are closer to your natural colour to give a more subtle change and lift to you hair while still emanating that look of glamour.

Sombre Hair Colour


This technique is essentially highlights of lighter and darker shades that are swept freehand with a brush onto sections of the hair, to give that naturally sun-kissed effect. The light and dark shades create a lasting intensity that wows any way you style it.

Balayage Hair Colour


With flamboyage, you are given an even more natural sun-kissed look than that which the balayage technique provides. Flamboyage uses adhesive strips that allow the hairdresser to literally pick and choose the strands they want to highlight, resulting in a more natural and flowing effect. Different colour tones are woven throughout the hair with this technique giving an unprecedented vibrancy to the look.

Hair Painting

Incorporating a palette, brush and table to lay the hair on, this technique can seem a little strange from the outset but the results are undeniable. With hair painting, the client is reclined so their hair lays flat on a table the stylist then applies the colour to specific strands of hair, using the palette and brush. Hair painting takes skill and when finished creates the most natural and soft tones possible.

Hair Painting


Babylights are highlights but with less hair coloured, to give a truly subtle highlighted effect. This technique takes its inspiration from the glow of a child’s sun-kissed locks, lending the it the name ‘babylights’. The delicate change of shade freshens hair colour without packing too much of a colour transformation punch.


Foilyage is the coming together of balayage and foils. The hair is treated in the balayage manner with the freehand sweeping of colour, but then these strands are wrapped in foil strips to encourage a brighter and more defined colour.

And there you have it, a quick guide to what the heck the new hair colouring terms mean. Now go forth confidently into that salon knowing exactly what it is you’re asking for!

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