Curly Hair Cut with Adele Sylvester

Curly Haircut at BOB Salons in Bracknell

Adele Sylvester artistry, expert skills and extensive experience make her a very sought after hairdressing artist with a large customer following and celebrity clientele.

Adele is truly passionate about her craft and is an award winning stylist 

Gold Winner for Stylist of the Year at the British Hair & Beauty Awards 2015, 2018 & 2022 .

Silver Winner for Curly Hair specialist at the British Hair & Beauty Awards 2023.

She loves sharing her knowledge to others and for the last 14 years have been part of the very successful Paul Mitchell UK artistic & education team helping stylist from all over the UK learn new ideas and techniques. She is a curly hair specialist and now offers advise and education to help tame and maintain curls

“Curly hair is a canvas of diversity and personality, and I am deeply committed to helping each individual embrace and flaunt their natural beauty. This recent award only fuels my dedication to continue this journey.”

adele sylvester

Fall back in love with your curly hair

We want every curly-headed soul to have healthy hair that bounces and shines.

No more triangles, no more frizz and no more fear of having too much taken off. Once we have cut your hair, we will show you how to style, manage and love your curls.

Education is key – teaching our curly clientele to love, care and nourish their hair. We provide a deeper understanding of curl care and providing ways to love your hair and make your curls come alive.

Adele's Prices

Curly cut  – £130

Includes consultation, cut, cleanse  & style dry. Includes Curly Hair products to the value of £60RRP and aftercare advice.

Curly cut  – £85

Includes consultation, cut, cleanse  & style dry and education. Does not include products. 

Important information

If you have very tight curls or afro or hair down to your waist, please contact me beforehand as I will need to factor in more time.

Results may depend on the severity of damage to your hair so it is important to have a realistic expectation of what can be achieved in one appointment.

Please arrive with your hair dry, detangled, cleansed and if possible leave a little conditioner or product in your hair and leave it to dry naturally or difused, either the evening before or the morning of your appointment. It’s very important I see how your curl pattern is naturally.

Please DO NOT wear your hair clipped/tied back as this will affect the curl pattern.

If your hair is very either matted or tangled I might need extra time and a detangling fee might apply.

*You will receive up to £60RRP of products that will benefit your hair type and style. if the price/products- goes over £60, you will be expected to pay the difference.  Cannot be exchanged for cash . If the price of the products fall below £60 you will NOT be given cash or refunds

Some Curly Hair examples

Curly cut bracknell
Curly cut bracknell

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