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Do good, look good & feel good with B.O.B Salons VIP memberships & get 15% OFF all services for 365 days of the year

We care! We care about you looking good and feeling great 365 days of the year. We care about ourselves and believe in continuous learning and improvement. We care about our environment, our community and have a culture of giving back and therefore for every visit VIP members make with us we will donate £1.00 on your behalf to charities we support.

You deserve special recognition and discounts for your loyalty so here are a list of all the benefits you will receive for the next 12 months, along with unique offers throughout the year.
Earn HAIRMILES at every visit with bonus HAIRMILES awarded for specific services, products, gift cards, on-line booking, re-booking and referals

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What you get for your £58 joining fee:

1. 15% OFF all services every time you visit

2. 10% OFF professional hair-care products (excludes testers)

3. 5,000 HAIRMILES to start your membership with us (1000 points = £1}

4. HAIRMILES added to your account every time you visit us

5. Bonus double/triple HAIRMILES on specific promotional periods of the year

6. 1,000 HAIRMILES when re-booking your next appointment

7. Bonus 10,000 HAIRMILES when you recommend a friend to the salon worth £10



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