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Say ‘I do’ to your picture perfect do

‘Have you said yes to the dress yet?’ ‘Have you found the one?’ “What’s your dress like?” If a bride was given £1 every time she was asked about ‘the dress’, she could probably pay off the entire wedding from that pot of gold.

So much emphasis and excitement is put onto finding the perfect dress, that it’s not until that task is done and in the bag that a bride can really even start to think about the way she wants to have her hair.

However, for many, with so many other things to organise and prepare for the big day, their wedding day hair do is left as an afterthought, something that can be sorted later, and continuously put off until very close to the day. It’s not until the panic sets in and the bride realises she still has no clue how she wants her hair on the day, that she then decides to have a little look into it.

Long gone are the days of fussy and intricate up-dos. The call for effortless looking, simple and ageless styles are today’s order of many a bride. But even simple styles need planning, practice and plenty of forethought if they’re to be nailed perfectly on the day to help give you the timeless wedding photos you desire.

We do not mean to alarm you and add more stress to your never-ending list, quite the opposite. The sooner you can pinpoint how you want your hair, and be settled knowing it will look fabulous throughout the whole day, the less stress it will cause you later on. With that in mind, we’ve got a few tips that will help you in your search for your picture perfect wedding day do.

What face shape do you have?
Oval: You can get away with almost any hair do, the world is your oyster. Up or down, your hair will be best directed away from your face to show off your perfect proportions.
Square: You will best suit a low bun or straightened hair to soften the look of a strong jawline.
Heart: Whether you go up or down, slightly off-centre your parting to romanticise your look.
Long: Try a topknot bun around the crown of your head or sweeping curls over one shoulder.
Round: A deep side parting will create a more angular look whether you opt for an up or down do.

What style is your dress?
Strapless: Formalise it with an up do or keep it casual with soft, loose curls.
Off-the-shoulder: Keep the detail of the top of the dress with an up do, or sweep your hair to one side if you’d prefer to wear it down.
Off-one-shoulder: An up do preferably a low bun on the opposite side of the shoulder strap will work best with this type of dress.
High neck: Most up dos will work with a high necked dress. Avoid having your hair down as this may make you appear too covered up.
V neck: This is a versatile style that works well with both up dos and down dos.

What accessories will you be wearing?
If you are going to be wearing a veil, a tiara, a netted headband, a beaded comb or detailed hair pins, your style will need to incorporate these from the get-go. You don’t want to trial where you’re going to be placing your hair accessories on the day, you need to know they’re in their rightful place, looking fabulous, secure, and won’t hinder you in any way during the day. The same goes for your jewellery. If a big part of the whole look is the gorgeous earrings or necklace you will be wearing, then you will want a hairstyle that best accentuates these.

What does your hair need to cope with on the day?
Will you be outside battling the elements for a lot of the day and need your style to stand its ground against the wind, rain or snow? If so, a down do of soft curls may not be the best option but rather a secure up do with plenty of hairspray.

When should I start consulting my stylist?
A good three to four months before your wedding is a good time to start discussing your wedding hair day desires with your stylist. This gives you both the time to come up with the perfect look for you that you can prepare appropriately for and that will work for you on the day. You might need to start taking steps for a new colour with conditioning treatments or the like.

Do I really need to practice the look?
Yes. Yes, you do. You need to know that your stylist can create the look you want for your day, or you might decide the look isn’t quite right for you after all and still have plenty of time to try something else. Wait until the day of the wedding and you might end up with a style you’re not entirely happy with, and rather than feeling like the beautiful bride you should on your special day, you’re feeling self-conscious because of a less-than-perfect do. Have at least one trial and book it on a day when you can test the hell out of it to see how sturdy and how long it is likely to last on the real day to check its suitability.

Are you ready to book your consultation?
Your wedding day do is more than just a hairstyle. It is one of the final touches that will add that extra bit of glam, elegance, and chicness to your whole look. Get it wrong and you might be left with photos of the day that don’t fill your heart with joy because you dislike the way your hair looks in them.

We want to bring the style you’ve been imagining to life and help you feel as special as you truly are on your magical day. Book a consultation with us and let’s work together to find your perfect look.  Check out our Bridal packages here

The B.O.B Team x

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