say no to box dye

The sad fact is that it will be weeks, possibly even months, before any professional salon can open their doors again. Which means the temptation for DIY styling will be real.

Overgrown fringes, split ends, misshapen styles and obvious roots are things we are all going to have to contend with through this time. But unless you know how to deal with these properly yourself, they’re things to you don’t want to be messing around with because if you get them wrong, you will feel much more self-conscious and it’ll be harder for your stylist to rectify them later.

One thing in particular you may be tempted to try at home is a box dye. These ‘handy’ home kits are great for damaging hair thanks to the high ammonia content, fast fading colours that are usually off tone to begin with, streaks that you didn’t want and an overall look of unnatural colour because it isn’t the right mix to complement your skin tone. And what if it goes wrong? Who are you going to call? Ghost Busters? No salons are open and mobile hairdressers shouldn’t be visiting people in their homes as it’s against the government’s policy and the two meter social distancing rule.

Do yourself and us a favour, please save your roots for us. When this is all over, we will need you just as much as you will need us!

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In the meantime, stay inside, stay healthy and we look forward to welcoming you back into B.O.B soon.

The B.O.B Team x

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